Green haven with lush landscapes.

Spacious hillside terraces.

Artist’s illustration.

Playground and Recreational Park.

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Ampitheatre on the Lake.

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The Belvedere.

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Lake Park.

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Type A

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Type B

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Feel the Rhythm of Cadena

An idyllic life is like the wind

With its own rhythm, an ebb and flow

That lifts you up, like a leaf

And gently lulls you where it blows.

Let the rhythm of Cadena romance you,

Let it unfold the magic of living, of a joy yet untold.

Site Plan

  Intermediate Unit (Type A)
  ROOMS: 4 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms
Floor Plans LOT SIZE: 22’ x 75’
BUILT-UP: 2,584 sq. ft. to 3,048 sq. ft.

  Intermediate Unit (Type B)
  ROOMS: 4 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms
  LOT SIZE: 22’ x 75’
BUILT-UP: 2,435 sq. ft. to 2,614 sq. ft.


Intermediate Unit


Structure Reinforced Concrete
Wall Clay Brick
Roof Covering Reinforced Concrete Slab / Metal Deck Roofing Sheet
Roof Framing Lightweight Steel Trusses
Ceiling Plaster Ceiling / Skim Coat
Windows Powder Coated
Doors Decorative Door / Powder Coated c/w Clear Glass
Wall Finishes Bathrooms Tiles to Ceiling Level or Maximum 2600mm Height
  Kitchen (Behind Sink) ±1700mm Height
  Others Emulsion Paint
Floor Finishes Living & Dining Tiles
  Wet / Dry Kitchen Tiles
  Laundry Tiles
  Bedrooms Tiles
  Bathrooms Tiles
  Utility Tiles
  Family Tiles
  Staircase Tiles
  Car Porch & Driveway Tiles
  A/C Ledge Cement Render
  Concrete Roof Cement Render
  Yard Cement Render
Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings   Type A Type B
  Wash Basin 4 nos. 4 nos.
  Water Closet 4 nos. 4 nos.
  Shower Head 4 nos. 4 nos.
  Kitchen Sink 2 nos. 2 nos.
Electrical Installations Lighting Point 23 nos. 23 nos.
  Power Point (13 AMP) 16 nos. 16 nos.
  Ceiling Fan Point 7 nos. 7 nos.
  Water Heater Power Point 4 nos. 4 nos.
  Air-Conditioner Power Point 7 nos. 7 nos.
  Swing Auto Gate Point 1 no. 1 no.
  Door Bell Point 1 no. 1 no.
  Astro Point 2 nos. 2 nos.
Internal Telecommunication Telephone Point 2 nos. 2 nos.
Trunking and Cabling Fibre Optics Cabling c/w 1 no. 1 no.
  Fibre Wall Socket and Fibre Termination Box  
Fencing Front ±1500mm Height Brickwall c/w Mild Steel Gate
  Rear ±1500mm Height Brickwall c/w Mild Steel Gate
Ara Sendayan 3B (Cadena Terraces) • No. Lesen Pemaju: 7164-34/02-2020/0122(L) • Tempoh Sah: 07/02/2018 – 06/02/2020 • No. Permit Iklan: 7164-34/02-2020/0122(P) • Tempoh Sah: 07/02/2018 – 06/02/2020 • Hakmilik Tanah: Kekal • Bebanan Tanah: Tiada • Pelan Bangunan Diluluskan Oleh: Majlis Perbandaran Nilai • No. Rujukan: MPN 431/1/21/2017/2 • Tarikh Dijangka Siap: Disember 2019 • RTDT-A (Cadena) – 83 Unit, RM790,888 (Min.) – RM1,381,628 (Maks.) • RTDT-B (Cadena) – 85 Unit, RM778,888 (Min.) – RM1,245,308 (Maks.) • Sekatan-Sekatan Kepentingan : Tanah yang diberimilik ini tidak boleh dipindahmilik, dipajak, digadai melainkan dengan kebenaran bertulis daripada Pihak Berkuasa Negeri. • All renderings contained in this advertisement are artist’s impressions only. The information contained herein is subject to change without notification as may be required by the relevant authorities or developer’s project consultant. Whilst every care is taken in providing this information, the owner, developer and manager cannot held responsible for any variations. For avoidance of doubt on the specifications, please always refer to the Sales and Purchase Agreement.